About Us

Our chemist analyzed the many products presently accessible at that time and designed compounds that would work better over the broadest possible range of service conditions and give the longest maintenance interval.

Our capability to produce top standard product consistently permit our technicians to apply a systematic and scientific approach to using the products for issue solving.

The valve care and fitting products we now provide are the result of our 10 years experience of discovering practical solutions that truly work in all types and makes of valves and fittings.

Experience has taught us that valves in natural gas service are more expected to exhibit leakage issues than valves in crude oil service for the simple reason that the oil itself is dry and self-lubricating natural gas is not. For this reason we have a propensity to express most of our solutions to gas related issues.

Legendary customer service

Always a human, automated assistance or no voice mail, professional customer service representatives are on hand to support you and your business forever striving to achieve hundred percent issue resolution in one call.

Professional engineering

A completely functioning and staffed laboratory for product design and development, production engineering, standard assurance, and product testing promises you and your customers the top standard products.


All products produced by our company are guaranteed free of defects in workmanship and material, when used within the range advised, for a period of 1 year from shipment. When authorized, any defective product or part may be returned to the factory. If found any issue, it will be replaced or repair free of charged.

Best stainless steel tubing and valve           

Our engineering staff gathers both mechanical and chemical engineering expertise in designing, recommending and producing valves and strainers to meet the client specific requirements. The producing facility is well equipped to perfectly fabricate, machine and then carefully assemble each component for a precise fit. Each tubing and valve is inspected and tested to ensure it meets or exceeds rated force, leakage, temperature,  and first class workmanship needs before leaving the facility.

Why Choose Us?

Its Our Policy

To listen to our customers and focus on their needs.
To create and market the highest quality products at competitive prices.
To meet our customers’ delivery requirements.
To provide solutions to flow control and application problems.
To provide uncompromising service.
To continuously improve the processes required to achieve this mission.

Lean Manufacturing

A system of continual improvement with 5S at the foundation of all improvements.
Every Day
Everything has a place
Everything in its place

What We Do?

Kp-Lok , Inc. manufactures ball valves and specialty valves for both sanitary and industrial applications from our plant in Irwin, Pennsylvania. Kp-Lok combines specific application requirements with creative engineering and quality manufacturing practices.

Core Values

♦ Personnel Improvement – Teach and be ♦ taughtAccountability – Decisions, Actions, ♦ ProductsCommitment to our Core Values


Better Valve Performance
Fewer Process Interruptions
On-Time Delivery