What Makes A Needle Valve Durable And Easy To Use?

What Makes A Needle Valve Durable And Easy To Use?


Needle valves perform a very important function in that they help to regulate the flow of substances like gas and water through different appliances or systems. What makes a needle valve so unique is its tiny plunger, which looks very much like a needle. This plunger comes with a small sized handle which is known as a handwheel. The main function of the plunger is to easily and precisely turn the valve.


What does it do?

When properly fitted, a long end of the valve fits exactly into a seat which is the part of the valve needle that needs to be controlled.When the valve is turned, the space between the seat and the needle opens up to allow a certain amount of a substance (gas or water) to pass through. Sometimes, a number of turns of the valve need to be made in order to create sufficient space for the substance to pass through. This particular feature ensures a more regulated and precise as well as more exact control over how much of the substance passes through the needle valve. Also, this feature keeps the needle valve from being damaged by sudden passage of substance.


There are also needle valves that work automatically and can be made to operate with the help of timers or responses to outside data that controls the opening and closing of the valves.


Made from durable materials

Needle valves are durable and easy to use because they are made from strong and durable materials. Typically, they are made from either copper or steel. Sometimes, the valves are even made out of plastic and in a few cases, they are also made out of brass. It all depends on how the needle valves need to be used. They are easy to use and can be used in various systems including those that feature carburetors.



Most needle valves have the ability to add or relieve pressure in very tiny amounts. Such features make them virtually indispensable in many systems as well as machines. Needle valves, because of their special design, are durable but in one instance they are not easy to use. The exception is these valves do not allow operators to know whether the valve is open or shut. To overcome such a limitation, the needle valve can be used along with other equipment. Vacuum systems are a good example of the kind of equipment with which they can be used to good effect. Vacuum systems require very exact control of gas to flow and at low pressure.


Customized design

Another reason why needle valves are durable and easy to use is because they are usually designed to suit particular applications. The seat is made from robust materials like PVC, CPVC, PTFE and plastic as well as thermoplastics. Although they can be used in many different applications, it is important to note that their use with viscous materials and also when slurries need to be dispensed.


Ergonomic design

Needle valves are easy to use because they are designed to be comfortable in the hands of operators. Their handles are ergonomically designed to make it easy for operators to turn the handle. They are durable because they have a packing gland that protects the pre-lubricated needle stem sleeve thread.

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